The fastest and easiest way to string seed beads - up to 25 times faster than by hand!

A bead spinner is very easy to use bead stringing tool!

No special skills, batteries or electricity required.

Based on a very simple scientific principle, the beads are "forced" onto your needle by the 100's - in a matter of seconds!

Simply place seed beads into the bowl, insert the wire needle and spin!

The  BeadSpinner bead stringing tool quickly and easily strings ALL sizes of seed beads.

Click to see OUR bead spinner >>in ACTION<<.

This is an excellent tool for simple, quick projects - or for producing items requiring many beads strung in quantity.

Prevent eyestrain and body pain! You no longer need to sit for hours, hunched over, staring and poking at those itty-bitty, teeny tiny, little holes...

WHY string just one bead at a time - when you can string hundreds in a few minutes?

This is a MUST have tool for beaders who specialize in bead crochet - as well for those who do bead knitting and French flower beading.

Beading class teachers - YOU know what I mean...

Click to see OUR bead spinner >>in ACTION<<.

Repetitive tasks like beading fringe, tassels or creating "coral" formations are faster and easier than ever to complete!

Bead spinners are the perfect gift for the beader (or crafter) that has everything!

Compare our bead spinners to similar versions of this tool that cost $40-or more... plus shipping AND handling costs.

We demo the beadspinner at ALL of our craft faires and bazaars.

STEAL THE SHOW...! Live demos are always a crowd pleaser - and a real attention grabber! Why not buy a few extra spinners to sell at your next fund raiser, flea market or craft faire?

Our Bead spinner stringing tools include illustrated instructions and bead spinner needles in assorted gauges.

*WARNING* - Shop wisely and *BEWARE* of ALL cheap chit bead spinners imported from China! Wood - OR - plastic. The mini versions are very UNSTABLE when spinning and are far too SMALL for comfort of use by the average adult sized hands! AND...with SO many recent product recalls, you should be concerned about lead - and other contaminants used in imported products!

Click to see OUR bead spinner >>in ACTION<<.

*Recommended for ages 6 years and up.