Bead Spinners - General Information

Thank you for your interest in our Seed Bead Spinners, bead stringing tools.

It is the fastest and easiest way to string seed beads. Simply place seed beads into the bowl, insert the wire needle and spin!

Based on a very simple scientific principle, the beads are "forced" onto your needle by the 100's - in a matter of seconds, up to 25 times faster than by hand. a>

We offer two(2)styles of bead spinners.

Our NEWLY redesigned, sleek profile “traditional” style bead spinner made of natural hardwood. They are individually and painstakingly hand crafted, in the USA.

Our brand new “budget” bead spinner is a retail version, of medium impact styrene (plastic) in a neutral sand-tone color. This bead spinner is a more affordable alternative to the hardwood version. It is also manufactured locally.

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The only difference between our two styles of bead spinners is the materials they are made of - AND the significant difference in cost to the average crafting consumer!

ALL bead spinners work on precisely the same principle. Both styles of our bead spinners function equally well.

We receive many inquiries regarding the “size” of our bead spinner.

There is no “standard size” for bead spinners. Bead spinners are available in various sizes, some much smaller than ours!

Shop wisely and BEWARE of the tiny "mini" cheap chit bead spinners imported from China! They are very UNSTABLE when spinning and are far too SMALL for comfort of use by the average adult sized hands! AND...With the many recent product recalls, you should also be concerned about lead - and other contaminants!

Our budget bead spinner is of an average size. The bowl measures 3.3-inches in diameter and is 1-inch deep. The total bead spinner height is 4-inches.

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When using a bead spinner, bigger is not necessarily better.

Small quantities of beads in a large spinner bowl will barely cover the bottom of the bowl. This will cause your needle to hit the bottom and the beads will not travel up the needle as they should.

Regardless of size, ALL bead spinners function best if ½ to ¾ full of beads. If you only need to spin a small quantity of beads - OR if you don't have enough beads to fill the bowl – a large bead spinner WILL NOT WORK!

Needles are FREE - and illustrated instructions are included with both bead spinner styles.

For your convenience, we also offer on-line product support. Your questions and comments are appreciated.

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*Recommended for ages 6-years and up.