Bead Spinner Basic Instructions
Based on a VERY simple scientific principle, the Bead Spinner will string ALL sizes of seed beads, up to 25 times faster than by hand!

It is the perfect tool for simple, quick projects - or for producing items requiring many beads strung in quantity.

Though we do not guarantee this, the Bead Spinner will also string other types and sizes of round beads, some small square beads, gemstone chips, pearls and even sequins.

Why not experiment on your own?

As with any other tool, it WILL take some practice to perfect your own bead spinning technique.

The Bead Spinner consists of the bowl and stand.

The (optional) extension handle may be firmly inserted into the top stem of the bowl, for additional ease of spinning.

The needles can be found inside the Bead Spinner bowl.

General Directions:

OUR bead spinner >In ACTION!

Place the Bead Spinner on a small towel to catch any of the beads that fall out.

If this is your first attempt using a bead spinner – the beads WILL go flying! It is NOT necessary to spin the bowl fast. Smooth and steady turning will produce the best results.

Fill the bowl ½ to ¾ full with seed beads.

If your project requires thread or a similar material, use the wire needle that is most compatible with the size of seed bead to be spun.

Smaller beads will require a thinner needle – larger or heavier ones will require a thicker needle.

When stringing beads directly onto wire, or heavier gauge beading material, no needle is necessary.

TIP: Snip your needle (or wire) to a sharp point.

Do NOT let the end of your needle or wire hit, scrape or drag along the wall or the sides of the bowl.

TIP: A tiny drop of oil such as WD-40, 3-in-1, baby oil or mineral oil applied where the bead spinner bowl meets the stand, will help the bead spinner turn more smoothly. Do NOT use a “food” type oil as it will quickly become sticky.

It may take some patience, as well as trial and error to perfect your own bead spinning technique.

Bead Spinning Technique:

Follow the general directions, preparing your beads, needle and thread or wire.

Insert the needle (or wire) just below the surface of the beads in the bead bowl, at a slight angle.

With your left hand, spin the bead bowl in a clockwise direction, allowing the needle (or wire) to VERY lightly “skim” the surface of the spinning beads.

Do NOT let the end of your needle or wire hit, scrape or drag along the wall or the sides of the bowl.

Once again, learning to use a Bead Spinner WILL require some practice.

TIP: Make certain that the beads you are spinning are compatible with the needle (or wire) gauge.

We highly recommend the following internet links, as they feature an animated demo and other helpful information regarding bead spinners:

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