BeadSpinner F.A.Q's:
Commonly Asked Questions & Bead Spinner Needle Information...

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>What is your payment policy?

For orders over $100, we will accept payment by U.S.Postal money orders. Please contact us directly to arrange this payment option.

>When can I expect my order to arrive? We ship daily by USPS, except on Sundays and other Postal holidays. Based on the weight of your package, we will ship by First Class or Priority Mail, which will take 1-3 working days. International orders will ship by Global Priority air mail, approximately 4-7 day delivery.

>How much is the shipping and handling charge? Please see each individual listing and/or shipping calculator. PLEASE contact us directly if you have any questions.

>Do you ship internationally? Yes. Please see rate charges posted with the individual listing, although it may be better for us to calculate the postage for you.

>What is the size / dimensions of the bead spinner? Our "budget" bead spinners are approximately 3.3-inches in diameter, the bowl depth is 1-inch. The total height of the bead spinner is 4-inches.

Shop wisely and BEWARE of the tiny "mini" cheap chit bead spinners imported from China! They are very UNSTABLE when spinning and are far too SMALL for comfort of use by the average adult sized hands! AND...With the many recent product recalls, you should also be concerned about lead - and other contaminants!

>Does the bead spinner come with needles? Our hardwood bead spinner comes with a FREE 12/pack of needles and the economy version comes with 3-needles - AND a FREE 12/pack of replacement needles. Both styles include illustrated instructions.

Replacement 12/packs of needles are available separately.

For your convenience, we offer our bead spinner replacement needles in a set of one dozen (12) color coded by size assortments, packaged in a convenient storage tube, as pictured above. (Colors may vary.)

Ours are NOT the traditional ‘J’ shaped steel needles that some of you may be familiar with, though this video demonstrates this method: <

Click to see OUR bead spinner >>in ACTION<<.

Our bead spinner replacement needles are machine made of tightly twisted wire, approximately 5-inches in length in various gauges, i.e. thicknesses. They have a "soft, collapsible eye.”

The eye of these needles will (and MUST) collapse as you slide the beads from the wire needle onto whatever medium you are stringing your beads onto.

The needles are re-useable. Simply re-open the closed eye using a straight pin or similar tool.

I personally do NOT use, teach or demonstrate the bead spinning technique where the needle is bent into the hooked “J” shape.

Rather, I simply snip the needle at a sharp angle, spin the beads with the needle at a slight angle – lightly skimming the surface of the moving beads.

The following link demonstrates this method - another bead spinner spinning technique

*Recommended for ages 6-years and up.
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