Scrappy Odds 'n' Ends
Paper Crafts, Card Making, ScrapBooking Grab Bag / Box Assortment - $5.49

This is a HUGE and varied collection of new (unused) paper craft, scrap booking and greeting card supplies.

These items can be used for an array of other projects, including origami, decoupage, collages, party favors, die-cut designs, bookmarks, paper sculptures…let the inspiration flow…!
The products will be sent in Priority Mail box - 11-inches X 8.5-inches by 5.5-inches - which is full (10+ pounds on the average) of an assortment of the following items:

• Brightly colored, multi-purpose assorted greeting cards; some are specialty designs with removable charms and others are of specialty papers.
• Over 20 different designs of vellum greeting card covers for Valentine’s Day, Halloween and Christmas.

• A large variety of unusual gold, silver and bronze foil and antique-looking photo images, some are approximately 1-inch W by 3-inches H and the others are approximately 1.75-inches W by 2.25-inches H. There are more than 50 themes, to include most holidays and special occasions.
• Lenticular (“flicker” - 3-D) images, which change the picture when moved. They are peel-n-stick, approximately 2.5-inches W by 4.25-inches H, for Christmas, Valentine’s Day and general occasion use in over 30 unique and colorful designs.

This grab bag mix may also include gift tags, photo mounting corners, other types of stickers, engraved greeting card bands with quotes, sayings and/or greetings and other various paper craft related odds ‘n’ ends. (Items are very limited in quantity and too numerous to list.)
The photos shown are only a small representation of the HUNDREDS of items you will receive.

The $10.45 shipping charge is our actual cost for the flat-rate Priority Mail box, which includes the cost for Delivery Confirmation.

This is the most economical and expeditious shipping method.

Paper products - and especially the lenticular sticker images tend to be quite heavy, with the average grab bag (box) weighing well over 10+ pounds!