FREE   Necklace Tutorial for Beginning Bead Spinner Users
Choker Length Bead Spinner Necklace For The Beginner - How to use your FREE Twister Clasp


Bead spinner and needle
Seed beads – your choice of colors and size(s)
Monofilament thread (similar to fishing line)
“Twister” clasp

This is the perfect project to learn how to use the bead spinner tool.

It is also a great way to make use of seed bead “odds ‘n’ ends” by making a “bead soup” mixture.

Set up your bead spinner as per the directions, using monofilament or other type of sturdy thread.

String the beads to your desired length. Hold ends of thread together and tie in a secure knot.

We recommend making at least (3) bead strands, strung to a minimum length of 40- inches per strand. This length can be adjusted to the wearer’s size and preference.

Keep in mind that when the necklace strands are worn twisted, they will be less than half of the length of the bead strands. With more twisting of the bead strands – the shorter the wearable length will be.

To wear as a twisted choker, loop one end of all strands over opened clasp. Loop other ends of strands over one finger and twist several times. Wrap twisted strands around neck, place clasp through ends around finger and close.

While shown as a twisted choker, this necklace can be worn in dozens of ways: wear it twisted or wear the strands unlatched and knotted at the end; wear strands individually; wear them in groups of three or more.

For another version:

Note: This basic concept may also be used to make a “twister” style bracelet.